Friday, June 8, 2012


So, after a long silence in the blogsphere, i returned.
2010-2011 was quite a creative period, with a lot of projets slowly establishing it's own place.

So, let's start.
JIGOKU ( - my drug-influenced experiments in electronica, kraut and disco. Inpsiration also come from DXM and Skinny Puppy early albums.

Also, Novisible Scars now put out my ep with NINIKA - collab with american evil-kraut-drone duo TEETH ENGRAVED WITH THE NAME OF THE DEAD - it's somewhere in the realm of really deranged industrial sludge and power electronics. Im doing vox, synths and fx.
It was recorded in summer 2010, but released only now. You can preview the teaser on bandcamp here -

Also, DEGENERATE SLUG - my solo fetish synth sludge project, now signed to CRUCIAL BLAST. You can find the all info here -

And usual tons of other things to come, but i can't remember it all now.
Stay in touch, and nice to meet you all here.

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